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Jormis IT Solutions - Service Terms and Conditions


Effective Date: 01-Dec-2021

Welcome to Jormis IT Solutions! Before availing our specialized services encompassing computer repair, networking setup, and equipment sales, we kindly request your thorough review of the subsequent Terms and Conditions (“Terms”). These specific guidelines delineate your rights, responsibilities, and commitments when engaging with Jormis IT Solutions. By utilizing our services, you unequivocally consent to abide by these Terms. If any aspect of these Terms is not agreeable to you, we encourage you to refrain from utilizing our services.

1. Acceptance of Service Terms

By actively requesting or utilizing our computer repair, networking setup, or equipment sales services, you overtly acknowledge and accept these Terms. Failure to adhere to these Terms may result in the denial of our services.

2. Services Encompassed

At Jormis IT Solutions, we specialize in providing exemplary services pertaining to computer repair, networking setup, and the sale of corresponding equipment. Each service will be competently administered by adept professionals, possessing expertise in the respective domains.

3. Service Execution

For services encompassing computer repair and networking setup, Jormis IT Solutions will conduct comprehensive diagnostics and proceed with requisite repairs or setups in alignment with established industry best practices. For equipment sales, we extend a diverse array of equipment and accessories meticulously tailored to cater to your requisites.

4. Pricing and Payment

For comprehensive details pertaining to the pricing structure associated with computer repair, networking setup, and equipment sales, we kindly request you to directly liaise with Jormis IT Solutions. Detailed payment terms and methods will be explicitly discussed during the service inquiry phase.

5. Data Security and Privacy

The nature of our services may necessitate the provision of access to your devices or systems. In alignment with our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your privacy and data, we direct your attention to our exhaustive Privacy Policy, shedding light on our data handling and protection mechanisms.

6. Warranty Assurance

Our repair services are accompanied by a comprehensive warranty. We encourage you to acquire detailed insights into the specific warranty terms corresponding to the service you avail. Additionally, equipment sales may be subject to manufacturer warranties.

7. Client Responsibilities

You are expected to furnish accurate and comprehensive information regarding the challenges encountered with your devices or network. Furthermore, we implore you to undertake adequate data backup measures prior to any service execution.

8. Limited Liability

It is to be duly noted that Jormis IT Solutions bears no responsibility for losses, damages, or data loss ensuing from the utilization of our services or equipment. Our liability is explicitly confined to the service fees remitted.

9. Service Modifications

Jormis IT Solutions retains the prerogative to effect modifications, temporary suspensions, or complete discontinuation of specific service components. All reasonable efforts will be exerted to apprise clients of any significant alterations.

10. Legal Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be construed and governed by the laws of Ernakulam Jurisdiction, without prejudice to its conflict of law principles.

11. Reach Out to Us

For any queries, appointments, or concerns germane to our specialized computer repair, networking setup, and equipment sales services, we encourage you to establish contact via info@jormis.com

By availing Jormis IT Solutions’ services, you affirm your understanding, acknowledgment, and acceptance of these Service Terms and Conditions. We extend our gratitude for selecting Jormis IT Solutions!

Latest Revision: 13-Aug-2023