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Effective Date: 01-Dec-2021

Welcome to Jormis IT Solutions! This Cookie Policy explains how we use cookies on our website to enhance your browsing experience and gather insights into user preferences. By using our website, you consent to the use of cookies as described below.

1. What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you access websites. They serve various purposes, including improving user experience, analyzing site performance, and enabling personalized content delivery.

2. Types of Cookies We Use

a) Essential Cookies: Vital for site functionality, these cookies enable key features like navigation and secure area access.

b) Analytical/Performance Cookies: These cookies help us gather information about site traffic, user interactions, and other performance-related metrics. This data assists us in enhancing our website’s functionality and content.

c) Functional Cookies: These cookies enhance user experience by remembering your preferences, such as language settings and customization choices.

3. Third-Party Cookies

We may collaborate with third-party service providers who may place cookies on your device. These cookies assist in collecting data for analytics, content delivery, and advertising purposes. Please refer to the respective third-party’s privacy and cookie policies for more details.

4. Managing Cookies

You have the option to manage or disable cookies in your browser settings. Please be aware that choosing to disable specific cookies could affect both your user experience and the functionality of the site.

5. Consent

By continuing to use the Jormis IT Solutions website, you consent to our use of cookies as outlined in this policy. Feel free to modify your cookie preferences using your browser settings as well.

6. Changes to Cookie Policy

We may update this Cookie Policy periodically. Revisions will be displayed on our site along with the revised “Effective Date.”

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Thank you for visiting Jormis IT Solutions and for your understanding of our Cookie Policy.

Latest Revision: 13-Aug-2023